Eddy Current Tube Inspection

The most reliable inspection method for finding wall loss, holes & dents in tubes.

Eddy current testing is a well-established method of nondestructive testing that is used to examine nonferrous/nonmagnetic materials such as condenser and heat exchanger tubes in power generation plants. Eddy current testing reveals discontinuities in tubing, provides plant engineers with an accurate assessment of a unit’s condition, and is a tool for predicting the remaining useful life of the tubes.

Along with condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaning and leak detection applications, many power generation plants with aging units include eddy current testing in plant maintenance programs in an overall effort to maximize the efficient life of their units.

Eddy Current
Tube Inspection

Minimize unit downtime
increase unit profitability

Low efficiency in Power Plants ?

It is time to check your exchanger units for defects.

The power generation industry is but one of many sectors that benefit from eddy current and other nondestructive testing applications. Some common applications of eddy current testing outside of power generation are inspections of aircraft sections, automotive components, and machined parts to search for surface and subsurface cracks and corrosion.

Eddy current testing can be a powerful tool in a power plant’s maintenance program. Every year in the U.S. there are an estimated 7,000 plant outages attributed to tube failures, and such outages are expensive and disruptive. Regular tube inspections can detect failing tubes before they become catastrophic, and it can minimize the losses associated with plant unavailability. Early detection of potential failure mechanisms enables plants to develop operating strategies, perform preventive maintenance, and more accurately budget for equipment repair and replacement, because the remaining useful life of the unit is better understood.

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