Helium Leak Testing in India

Helium Leak Testing in India - Overview of Technology, Issues faced by Industries and Leak Testing Solutions by Aptest NDT.

What is Leak Testing ?

'Leak Testing', as the word itself says, it is the process of identifying leaks in a system. It is one of the most reliable process used by major industries in india like pharmaceutical, Medical, HVAC, Oil & Gas, Refineries, Power Plants, Automotive etc. to identify leaks in defective systems. It plays an important role in maintaining Plant and Environment safety. Leak Testing is the main activity during Plant Shutdown and Overhauling.

Where is Leak Testing required?

Leak Testing is required to be conducted regularly on equipments that hold and transport fluids. Parts like Valves, Pipelines, Exchanger Tubes etc., need to be inspected for leaks on a regular schedule to avoid malfunctioning.

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Helium Leak Testing
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The right approach
to the right Leak testing method ?

  • Identify & Define your actual problem & requirement in leak testing.
  • Calculate the allowed leak limits in your system.
  • Compare the different economic solutions available to leak testing.
  • Choose the most suitable method of leak testing based on your derivation.

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What are the different methods in Leak Testing ?

Leak Testing, generally considering the world needs, can be broadly classified into two major methods

  • Quantitative Method
  • Qualitative Method

Quantitative Method uses Leak Detectors that displays Leak rates. This method of leak testing finds its major application in industries like Oil & Gas, Automobile, Power Plants, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, HVAC, etc. This is a widely used method in industries for both In-line and Off-Line Inspections.

Qualitative Method of leak testing is generally controlled by the operator with localisation of leaks. Usually this inspection is done by visual methods like Water Immersion with Pressurised sample, Bubble Immersion Method, Hot Air Method etc,.

Our Expertise

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Helium Leak Test for Valves

Valve leaks is a major issue faced by Oil & Gas industry. Leaving valves un attended may lead to serious issues and un recoverable damages and consequences.

Vaccum Chamber Leak Test

Finding leaks on large vacuum chambers using a helium leak detector is fast, efficient, and cost-effective. The proper selection of a leak detector, the connection of the detector to the vacuum system.

Online Helium Leak Testing

Aptest NDT Services supply Helium based solutions; we can offer a range of different Helium leak test solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

Condenser Tube Negative Pressure Parts

We specialise in Helium leak testing, which, among all, represent the ideal solution for leak testing. This method is characterised by a very high level of sensitivity, quantifiable and reliable results.

Freeze Dryer/ Lyophilizer Leak Testing

APTEST Leak Detection provides leak testing of vacuum freeze drying equipment and lyophilizers used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Fugititive Emission Test for Valves

Fugitive emissions are emissions of gases or vapours from pressurized equipment due to leaks and other unintended or irregular releases of gases, mostly from industrial activities.


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