Helium Leak Testing of Valves

The most sensitive and reliable inspection method for Leak Testing

Valve leaks is a major issue faced by Oil & Gas industry. Leaving valves un attended may lead to serious issues and un recoverable damages and consequences. Therefore Valve Leak Detection or Inspection is a very serious task to be regularised in Oil & Gas plants.

We specialise in Helium leak testing of valves, which, among all, represent the ideal solution for leak testing in valves. This method is characterised by a very high level of sensitivity, quantifiable and reliable results, and the possibility to partly or fully automate the process, integrating it directly into the manufacturing line too if required.

Valve leaks
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Importance of Helium Leak Testing of Valves

If you are in the Oil & Gas industry, it is recommended that valves need to be inspected for leaks every Year. However, sometimes this interval may vary based on the condition of valves, valve service condition, and sometimes performance.

It is equally important that these valves are to be tested only by trained, qualified technicians under proper inspection protocol.

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